Bring on 2022 at Curve! 💫

Received in September 2021 (so a bit more than just few weeks :blush:):

…I’m afraid that this run of Black Investor cards for Metal tier investors is no longer in production and as such, we can’t issue you one this long after the 2019 investment round.

All of our investors, including those from the 2021 round of funding, now have access to the 3 main Curve Metal colours of Red, Blue Steel and Rose Gold. These can be found in the app when you select to upgrade your plan.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of more help to you today.


But rest assured - all other coloured metal Curve cards work just as well as black metal investor Curve card (maybe even better as black investor cards do not have national BINs if I’m not wrong :thinking:), you won’t notice a difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (especially in these days of Google Pay, Apple Pay and others :iphone::watch:)…

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nope, black metal investor cards have a local bin.

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  • Finally implement the highly anticipated but apparently forgotten autopilot mode, meaning that we’ll be able to set rules so that transactions at certain merchants (say Spotify) go straight to the chosen underlying card, regardless of the card that is set in that moment as default card for payments.

I agree with other points mentioned by others before:

  • MCC visibility;
  • Longer GBiT - be it for everyone or for certain categories of users;
  • No more weekend FX fee if the mastercard rate is kept instead of the old one;
  • Option for no currency conversion for some cards.

I am curious what happened with the ‘feature’ below that was announced in April 2021 to be launched in the next few weeks.

i missed it last year, good spot! it seems enhanced fx features means not using live fx anymore… for some currency pairs curve is unusable now because of the bad mastercard rates. this change wasn’t communicated properly and doesn’t make any sense in 2022

Great work for Curve Pay on Huawei mobile phones without Google.
Now bring NFC payments to Huawei watches please :slight_smile:

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Having read through these comments, there are a vast amount of features that were announced and haven’t materialised - why?!

  • Where is the faster refunds to Curve Cash and then the feature/option to move to the card you wanted

  • Where is the old in-app chat for customer service, that was spot on, gone and when is it coming back!?

  • How much longer do we have to wait for the above raised items?

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I’ll do some digging to see what happened with these projects and get back to you both @JoshuaBoots and @poeliev.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s provided feedback so far! I’m compiling these suggestions into a document that the leadership and product teams then review so please continue to add suggestions and I’ll continue to pass them along!


Appreciate it @Curve_Joel

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Actually this improved a lot - it now takes just 10 minutes to receive cashback for me… :cowboy_hat_face:

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  • For me, it will be to bring priority support back. - I don’t know why we are still waiting!

  • Be able to turn off FX exchange (have some cards with multicurrency… Revolut, Wise etc.)

  • What happened to promised Autopilot??

  • Faster fetching lists of transactions - take soo much time to load

But overall agree with other points mentioned by others.



:man_facepalming:t3: I’ve realised I meant the faster refunds to curve Cash Card… haha

I really want this, I’ve wanted this for a long time! Curve, if you do one thing in 2022, please make it this!

Also, better visibility for partial refunds and better linking of refunds to the original transaction: if a transaction is partially refunded, it’s not clear on the original transaction that only part of it was refunded, the only apparent indication is that GBiT becomes unavailable, it would be really useful if it showed how much of the original transaction was refunded right there on the same screen. Similarly, I had a refund come through from IKEA weeks after the original transaction, and it wasn’t clear which transaction that refund was far.

Edit: Another one, please add virtual cards, and make it work with the proposed Autopilot feature. I should be able to set it up so any transaction to a specific virtual card is automatically charged t o a specific underlying card, regardless of what the currently set card is.

This is a good idea. But before implementing a default card per merchant, Curve should implement a default card per currency.

I want my GBP transactions to be charged to a nominated GBP-denominated card.

I want my EUR transactions to to be charged to a nominated EUR-denominated card.


Currently there is a default card for all currencies, which doesn’t make sense.

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