Bring Search for a transaction back in the Curve iOS app, please

The ability to search for a transaction has been removed from the iOS app. Feels like a step backwards.

I love having all my various card transactions in one place. Being able to search is a must.

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Topic will be reopened when it’s clear this feature was removed ‘on purpose’ from the iOS app. As it’s still present in the Android app, it currently looks like it’s a glitch.

Reopened: apparently no glitch and removed on purpose :point_down:t2:

@poeliev I was told this week (using chat in the app) that it has been removed on purpose with no date to bring it back. Therefore I’d like to get it onto the radar of the Dev team.


I still have it (version 3.6.17 12901)

@JesusM where are you seeing it? I have just updated to the same app version as you, but there is no Search function.

Yes, that’s my release, and I see the search option.

Hopefully someone at Curve can look into this. Seems weird that we are on the same version of the app but experiencing a different UI.

What happened to the text search box in Timeline? Just start typing a retailer name, and the transaction list filters down to just those payments. That’s a core feature for “all my cards in one”, right? The benefit being all my transactions in one searchable list, regardless of the payment source.

But since Timeline got merged into the new My Money view (alongside Insights and Balances), that text search option just disappeared. Not sure if this is intentional, oversight, or a bug, but it’s a pretty significant functionality reduction. New features are awesome, but not at the expense of existing ones.


I have this 3.6.18 (13143)

@Mattia is that on iOS? I am on 3.6.18 (13216) and it is still missing. On iOS.

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@matt.piercy, I’m using iOS and I have this.

Are you using the stable version or the beta?

I’m on 3.6.14 iOS and see the search functionality

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Is this really gone permanently? A serious retrograde step. Search is important when doing ‘go back in time’.

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Hi all, just wanted to say that we are working on restoring search for timeline when displayed in my money. I don’t have an ETA yet but stay tuned in the beta threads because it should be restored soon

We do use feature flags and some features (e.g. open banking) are limited to certain reasons so some users will still see the old timeline which has its own tab - those users will see search


Look forward to seeing it return. Was such a useful feature and I used it often


If you’re in the beta program, you can downgrade to 3.6.21 for example. It still has the good old menu layout including the search.

Anyway, it’s kinda sad to see that the iOS team is still lagging behind the Android team. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi all, this new beta includes a restored search in the my money version of timeline: please try it out and let us know how it works for you Curve 3.7.3 (15000) iOS Beta