Bringing Amex Back to Curve

I seriously doubt you’d be getting unlimited points from Amex. They have anti-gaming clauses in their terms and their credit review team would shut your accounts permanently if they found you doing what you describe!


Its just sad…
Amex in combination with Curve would be just marvelous :frowning:

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It would be brilliant indeed. I could start using my Amex abroad amongst other benefits of course. One card for all would become a reality - online as well offline in terms of my digital wallet that now also has 6 different Apple Pay cards haha - would be good to cut this down to one too!

Same for me…

Any update on this ?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered want to get back to Curve but the lack of amex support made me give up my Metal .

Amex is not coming back for the foreseeable future.

That’s really disappointing well wont be signing up again for curve till the forseeable future

Will not be back anytime soon. And with tge look of things Amex may soon kick out Paypal too.

What makes you say that? Couldn’t see any news articles mentioning this (albeit only did a quick search).

I can’t say this is the definite reason but something that I have seen on our fraud searches are users are sending their mates £10,000+ on Amex Charge Cards via PayPal and then their mates are transferring it to their Bank Accounts and defaulting on the cards or using it as deposits to take high loans out.

There are also lots of other concerns but it would take hours to go through each risk factor

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Yep there’s been lots of folks over the years that have had accounts closed for blatantly using PayPal F&F like that but I didn’t see how that equated to PayPal stopping accepting Amex altogether as @Daddykay was suggesting?

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Not really. The Amex can change their T&C to say that any cash going through fin-tech as Curve, won’t gen any points in any AMEX scheme. One of the banks did that for miles & more scheme. You won’t get any points by topping up Revolut or using Curve.

I suppose it can be used to collect points illegitimately and then use them for travel I suppose it’s their biggest concern. They will never share the real reason I guess

Still nothing I guess ?

Hi - I’m thinking of signing up for curve, but the lack of Amex integration is an issue. Can anyone advise if Amex is still blocked when using Curve?

You indeed can not add an Amex card to your Curve wallet


@benlucas1 I would love to see that happen but in my opinion AMEX will never do a U-turn on their decision and come back, sadly.

Well I think Curve could at least remove any hope once and for all and say that it will never happen . Would be more honest

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We hear you on this! We really are working on this, and are working hard to ensure that AMEX hears you too.

We just cannot give you an answer, as we don’t have one. We want this as much as you do. Like you, we have to be patient. We’ll spread the word and post here as SOON as we have news.


The thread will be reopened as soon as we have an update to share.