Bringing Amex Back to Curve

No there is no further news. I wouldn’t hold my breath over it.

You think the more realistic scenario is that Amex will never be back ?

None of us know, so it’s all conjecture. Given how it went last time though I would say it’s more likely a no than a yes…

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At the rate they’re going I can’t see Curve lasting long enough for this to ever happen. They’ll have zero users by the end of the year…


Yes, AmEx were way ahead of the curve on ditching Curve (no pun intended…).


Just curious … Based on ?


You seriously think that the majority of Curve’s users use it for that? A service that’s loss making anyway?

Sensible companies focus on profitable customers…


Yes I seriously do!

Maybe in the early days, but I’d be very surprised if that was the case now. Most of the chargeable transaction list are transactions that Curve don’t even allow!


And this:

Apart from that being really old news…

…I very, very much doubt it’s any different to any other fintech.

There must be millions of dormant Revolut and Monzo accounts out there doing nothing!


Exactly. Speaking for myself I can say I signed up for every free fintech product at some point, no matter if I use it or not, just to try it out.


me too! almost every single one I use rarely if at all. The main problem with them is bigger banks can see a feature that works well and offer it in almost over night. That way banks don’t waste money on development and get it beta tested in the wild for free. Fintechs are interesting but lack the stability and protection of larger banks. Do I use any of my Fintech products as a main account? No! Loot went bust, Bo (by Natwest) is calling it a day, Glint just rescued from administration. Its only going to get worse as people flock to certainty/security in uncertain times plus any main benefits of Fintech banks is their exchange rates and travel benefits but given no one is going anywhere anytime soon and people watching their spending I can only see a downward turn.

Amex support is dead we have to face it, Curve whilst in a unique position with the finance world and is also has less threat of going bust then most of the Fintechs. It is not going to ‘waste’ its resources on getting Amex back. The one card to rule them all has not won the battle but hopefully weather the storm.

*Amex are offering more points and the ability to get reimbursements for fee-paid cards at the moment.

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There are simply too many fintech at the moment. It’s not viable. There will be consolidating and/or bankruptcy filing in the coming month.
But once a few big players remain (Revolut, N26, Curve IMHO, Cash in US) and stability comes, traditional banks will fear more and more.

On topic: Amex, as greedy as they can be, will most likely never return to Curve or be acceptable to any other fintech.
If Amex was on Curve, I would get almost unlimited points by funding my other banks with Amex through Curve.

However if Curve could update us on this it would be nice, even if it’s to say they will never come back…

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Still no update? Almost two years now. Guess will have to wait until I can finally upgrade to Metal with Amex support

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I seriously doubt you’d be getting unlimited points from Amex. They have anti-gaming clauses in their terms and their credit review team would shut your accounts permanently if they found you doing what you describe!


Its just sad…
Amex in combination with Curve would be just marvelous :frowning:

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It would be brilliant indeed. I could start using my Amex abroad amongst other benefits of course. One card for all would become a reality - online as well offline in terms of my digital wallet that now also has 6 different Apple Pay cards haha - would be good to cut this down to one too!

Same for me…