Bringing our e-Money services in-house

Exciting news!

Curve is growing up and bringing its e-Money services in-house and moving away from Wirecard Card Solutions, your e-money issuer under the current terms. This change has no impact on how you currently use Curve, however we are required to inform you of this operational change which we expect will take effect 28 June 2020.

Please read the our updated Curve Terms that show Curve as the e-Money issuer (with Firm Reference Number 900926). It’s been sent to you via mail. If we don’t hear from you within the next 60 days, we assume you are happy to continue with us on our exciting journey and we will transfer your account to us.

What are the important things I need to know?
Even though the terms look slightly different, the way you use the product is the same. Your Curve card and the Curve OS platform will still work the same way. We have also taken the opportunity to clarify and make the language in the new terms easier to understand.

As we go through the process, we will make FAQs available to you on our website.

Looking forward to continuing to serve you as our customer.


If this in turn gives Curve more profitability and later down the line user interaction then happy with this move. I would like to know about May update on Metal Investor cards though @Marie?



Will this help a lot of the decline/outage reasons? I know Wirecard has caused a lot of the downtime & some other issues


Will curve have to replace our cards?


So does this mean new Curve cards are not issued by Wirecard anymore? Who is the new card issuer now?

When will be start replacement of the cards?
How long (untill when) current cards will wolrk?

Current cards will most likely “run” till end of their expiry date, no?

This is great news!

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Glad to see you’ve managed to give 60 days notice on this one.


Same here (no e-mail received)

Update: E-mail received. Thanks.

Exciting times ahead

Nope. It was the processor, not the issuer, causing the issues and downtime.

How will Curve now be able to service EU customers after Brexit is completed?
What is described in this article will no longer be valid, as it is based on having a card issuer (Wirecard) operating both in the UK & EU.

There is a transitional period until the end of the year, when a UK e-money license is valid across the EEA, but what will happen after that if there is no deal that allows this to continue?


Will our cards be replaced?

No cards will not be replaced.

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Thanks for clarifying, i was just curious because the cards are issued by Wirecard

Will we receive points for transactions made via this new channel or will it be seen as cash advance by debit /credit card issuer…