Bug report 2.16.0

Change log:

  • Fixed empty day headers showing in Timeline search.
  • Dark mode improvements on some devices
  • Card View UI fixes
  • Fixed card disappearing from Product Selector for Investor users
  • Updated copy for Investor Card activation
  • Update GBiT limits description
  • Improved payment verification
  • Updated “Share with Friend” copy
  • A host of other internal changes and optimisations

Please fix also the problem with characters. A payment with “H & M” does not show the “&” in Curve, and in bank statements it looks really wrong. If it is “H&M”, then it’s correct in Curve and bank statement.

This should be easy to fix, please do it now.

@nicb the new Curve-fronted Debit switch doesn’t seem to be appearing in any Android versions, including this one?

@ediflyer if you restart your app it should appear now.

Indeed. Restart helps.

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Restarted it before posting but no change. Did it again now and it’s showing up - server-side switch flipped? :wink:


ups, its “fronted” . My mind read it as “frontend” all the time :open_mouth:

Awesome how fast the empty days got removed in timeline search after I asked about, thanks for that :smiley:

Have noticed it’s not possible to remove notes and pictures of receipts if it’s added to the wrong transaction, is this something that maybe could get fixed? @nicb


Profile screen still doesn’t work, so no way to enable Fronted.

@tkrunning thanks for reporting. I’m pretty sure it’s not connected to 2.16.0 as you’ve reported it before in this thread Profile screen broken for months

It also appears like it’s not connected to Android as you experience it on both platforms. I will try forward this on to the appropriate team.