Bug report 2.16.1

Change log:

  • Allow User to Copy PAN
  • Duplicate Screen on Onboarding Fix
  • Refund improvements
  • Updated layout for forms and form headers to make them consistent
  • Bottom navigation updated and Profile moved to Account tab
  • Fixed forced upgrade dialog causing app crash with biometrics
  • Fixed Wallet card carousel stuck on the right on loading
  • Fixed date picker missing title in light mode
  • Remove unused UI from app
  • Fixed Curve Cash email receipts toggle not working
  • Enabled “View Card Details” entry on Card View for REPLACED status cards

Haha here’s hoping this :bug: is fully squashed now!

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I really hope so, it’s at least half squashed…

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Very useful bug fixes in this release. :raised_hands:t4:
But I think carousel bug is still not fixed. Here is a screenshot from 2.16.1. :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s fixed in some scenarios but not others. Will be interesting to see what everyone’s experience is.

Looked OK for me when I first went into the app after update!

When is Timeline going to be fixed? It shows wrong weeks.

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Agree weeks wrong for me in timeline too - goes last week, Mon 27th April, then Mon 6th April, skipping lots despite transactions each week.

@RA1 thanks for the bug report. Looks like it’s always out by a week, should have a fix with the next release.

Possibly caused by week of year starting at zero in the database language and starting at 1 in Android / Java. :joy:


Fixed for me.
Login with “use passcode instead”, was that always in pink?

EDIT: bug is back again :smiley:
Will need some time to test, but it looks like if you rm app from recent app tab and then open it again it works, if you reopen it while it’s still in the background, bug is there

I tried that too but still can’t get it to return, so far it is (correctly) remaining on the selected card!

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Thanks! @nicb

Damn, looks like I spoke too soon - got this today when I loaded Curve for the first time to see how long insights would take to load (on the upside no delays for me)…

Please fix also the card info after a GBIT is made. When opening the transaction on the card where gbit was made and pressing gbit, the cards showing up are wrong.
It should be “A to B” , now it is “B to B”.

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For me the bug returned for the first time since the update when I opened the Curve app for the first time today and I was connected through mobile data (see screenshot).
When I open the app through WiFi sometimes the card at first is to the right for a fraction of a second, but then it returns to the correct central position.
Like something has to be loaded from the remote server in order to put it into the central position, which takes too long on mobile data, so it is aborted?

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I have this happen on WiFi as well as 4g. Since the lockdown I have been at home and been using wifi only and had this problem happen multiple times.

For me it happens if I haven’t used the app in a long time, maybe hours. I can also produce this bug on my android phone by force closing the app and clearing it from recent apps, on next launch the cards will be shifted right.

Yep, bug or whatever it is still in 2.16.1 (occurs time to time).

Same for me.

Now on Bug report 2.16.2