Bug report 2.16.2

Change log:

  • New design for section headers
  • Fix Timeline summaries incorrect week
  • Yet another attempt at improving the Carousel loading. (it’s getting better slowly)
  • Updated error messages for adding funding card
  • Improved copying card details
  • Loads of changes under the hood.

When is this due to go out, Nic? Just rechecked and still showing 2.16.1 as most recent for me…

same here. only 2.16.1 in playstore. I blame google weird roll-out politics. :man_shrugging:

It should be available by now, Play Store does cache requests though.

Yep showing up this morning :+1: I knew they staggered roll-outs but thought that wasn’t the case for betas? Ah well downloading now anyway!

Carousel seems to load fine now and cards are no longer shifted right.

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Found some bugs:

Receiving a partial refund:
Opening the transaction, marking “this is a business purchase” = enable
going back
transaction is now removed from timeline
closing the app + reopening it “fixes” it, when removing business tag again fully removes the transaction again from the timeline but an app restart fixes it again
Also going to “wallet”, sliding down to force refresh fixes it

I actually already found the reason for it:
Partial refunds have the refunded date in the transaction, in my case 18 May
Once I enable/disable “business purchase”, the date changes from 18 May to the original purchase date (07 Feb), so the transaction actually does not get removed from the timeline but gets pushed back in the timelime. After a refresh, it has the partial refund date again.

  1. Refunds where original transaction cannot be matched
    As we know the transaction gets converted to the currency of the underlying card.
    However, “original purchase” also shows the same currency.

In my case:
Received a refund from LH today in USD, put credit on EUR card.
It now says +€ [amount]
original amount: € [amount]

but it should show:
It now says +€ [amount]
original amount: $ [original amount]

New version out - Bug report 2.16.3