Bug report 2.16.3

Change Log:

  • Fixed a crash on launch on Android 5 devices
  • Adding more error messages for adding funding card
  • Fixed issue with infinity loop on the account screen

Thanks for these, @MarcinCurve :+1:

Impressed/surprised you’re still supporting Android 5 - I think it must be about 6 years old now!

More meaningful error messages definitely very handy - any thoughts re adding more of a warning when selected Curve Cash retailers that these are permanent selections? Just a potential issue for new customers selecting them that has been raised before.

@ediflyer I’d be surprised if we didn’t drop it this year. A fraction of a percent of our users are on 5.0 & 5.1.

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Please cancel the confirmation request when logging in via Face Unlock - it doesn’t make sense for me to confirm again when the phone recognizes me.

I’m using 2.16.3 and have noticed in recent builds if I try and add a card by scanning it in, the camera/photo capture screen actually has a PayPal logo on it.

Is this supposed to happen?

Also the 14th card bug is still present

New version out - Bug Report 2.16.4