Bug report 2.19.0

Issue with keyboard was fixed in 2.19.0.
Thank you, Curve Team !!! :+1:

^ That is how it looks on 2.19.0 with swiftkey keyboard (same as on 2.17.x).


It was a one line change that I added while working during this crazy weekend. Glad it made the app experience better for you.


Thanks a lot !
Small things make big difference :+1:

But I must say since version 2.18.1 which I installed maybe ~4 days ago and especially today with version 2.19.0 access to app works very fluctuant/unstable.

After entering PIN in 80% of time nothing happens, sometimes app shows Curve logo and just seems to be connecting to frontend/or backend (I’m not developer, dont know which is correct), but nothing happens.
Sometimes it asks to enter PIN twice. Why ? And also nothing happens.
Sometimes after some waiting app gets thru. Sometimes instant.

I write it off to unusual amount of requests, I’m sure everyone is making to app, during this wirecard fiasco. Hope it will solve itself after everyone will be setup up again and not connect to app every minute :slight_smile:

Anyone else noticed these things or its just me?

I can confirm issues when opening Curve 2.19.0. Often it hangs on launch screen, showing just logo and nothing happens. You have to close it and re-open to get it running.

@moon we will definitely get back on top of these little things in soon. First some rest :pensive:. Thanks for reporting.


Btw, yesterday evening there was supposedly new update in google play for curve app, but version was same 2.19.0 and update size was about 33MB if I recall correctly. I did not update becouse I was already using 2.19.0.
Next morning checked google play and there was another update, again with 2.19.0 version, but size was ~18Mb (or ~13Mb cannot remember) - I did re-update this time and since then stability of app seems to be back to almost back to normal not counting that sometimes it still asks PIN twice.

Not sure did you changed anything and presented new update without any version change or did google did that.

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We pushed a build without changing the version name (the build number would have increased 2.19.0.xxx, but that’s not visible in Play). We don’t usually do this because it makes debugging tricky but we had to get something done quickly :pensive:

With regards to the size we upload a bundle that’s well over 100mb with support for over 12000 different devices and Google generates an APK which it thinks is best suited to your device (CPU, resolution, Android version ect). These APKs currently range from 19mb to 58mb.

Anyway 2.19.1 is already on the way and we should be close to normal weekly beta releases again soon.


Follow 2.19.1 discussion at A couple of minor cosmetics