Bug Report - Android 2.11.2 (21102)

@Curve_Ivo are there any changes for us to be aware of vs 2.11.1? Would you mind confirming that all bugs in Bug Report - Android 2.11.1 (21101) have been logged? (have closed it for now)


Confirm existing bugs. On top of them I found that See More in Insights leads to An unexpected error occurred…

Still can’t contact support, all messages fail to be sent

Just made a purchase at the store. The payment went through but no notification and no transaction detail shown in the Curve App. The underlying card has been deducted the payment though.

PS! Yes, I know there was an outage a while back today, but this was after it was resolved.

Maybe you are on different timezone than curves statuspage?

I’m stuck in the “create account” section and I can’t go back to the “login” section. I already cleaned cache but I’m still stuck in this page and I can’t go back.
I will now uninstall the app to be able to login into my account.

Hey! Sam here from the product team!

Hey! Thanks for flagging this, I’ve passed this feedback on to the team and they are investigating the issues mentioned.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We are aware of the issue with newly added contacts and the list not getting updated in the app. The team is working on improving this experience. For now, based on our tests here, killing the app and opening it again a couple of times should do the trick.

As for seeing yourself in the contact list, we left that one on to see what people would think of it. Great to have your feedback.

Out of curiosity, why would you want to see a summary of the transaction? Would you feel the same way regardless of the amount and the person receiving it?

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve passed the feedback to the developers and they are investigating the issue.

That’s a weird one, the team is aware of it affecting some people. Sorry about that, they will keep working on the issue to make the experience better.

Is this when you first open the app? Are you having the same issue switching between screens in the app?

Hey Lucas! What would expect the transactions to be categorised as?

Thanks for reporting this, we are aware of this issue and the team is working on a better experience.

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Yep it’s when first opening it

No, I already checked that. I’m anyways ahead of UK time by an hour.

Cool, I’ve reported this to the team. Thank you!

Same problems here.

Hey. I notice can’t edit or change the images from a card, nickname or card currency. Buttons do nothing for configure a card.

Also can’t activate Send Email Receipt switch, is all like disable.

Please can you check?.

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See above, sadly known issues with this beta (cropped up on previous ones too).

Quality control is minimal on betas.

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I can’t delete or edit cards (change nickname, image or currency).

I can’t start a conversation with support.

I already reinstall the app and have the same problems.

My phone: HTC EXODUS 1 on Android 8.0.0

Thank you

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I am having the same issue.
I cannot contact the support via the app also…

Hiya. First bug to report here.

When switching on biometric login, the “Unlock with you biometrics” popup flickers on first load, then when I scan my fingerprint, it disappears, but the USE DEFAULT BIOMETRICS/Use Passcode options still remain. Pressing on USE DEFAULT BIOMETRICS opens the fingerprint popup a second time. Scanning this time works.

Can send a video if required.

Using Samsung Galaxy S10: SM-G973F running Android 9, Kernal 4.14.85-16487963 / One UI v1.1

I’ve seen this a few times (not just in this release)…

I’d put it down to my fingerprint failing first time, so it then falls back to these options, with the second attempt getting a better/correct read of my finger…

I think you’re right. But if it fails other apps deal with it better by keeping the biometric entry screen active with some sort of error message, allowing you to rescan.

New bug report thread at Bug Report - Android 2.12.0