Bug Report - Android 2.12.0

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We appreciate all your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • A screenshot and short description
  • Details on how we can reproduce it
  • Which OS, device and app version you have
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Still only showing 2.11.2+21102 in Play Store for me, including within the Beta tab in Play Store. Is the release being staged?

Any word on fixes for the bugs reported in Bug Report - Android 2.11.2 (21102)? Would be nice to know what things have been fixed so we can check? Unfortunately on-boarding isn’t something existing customers can check :wink:

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Correct, I don’t see the v2.12.0 either on Play Store.

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Here what I noticed:

Device: Samsung S10
OS: Android Stock 9
Notes: usage portrait only, with full connectivity


  • Hamburger menu issue ( Android / Bug - Hamburger Menu )
  • Timeline > Purchase made with Wizz Air are listed as General and not as Travel
  • Timeline > If you have at least 2 page of transaction, open a single one and go back, if you try to tap on any row they are unresponsive till the whole list get fully rendered (you can notice that because the Curve Cash icon is flickering in the meanwhile, when it stops you can tap)
  • Timeline > tap of search icon doesn’t show the keyboard, user has to extra tap on the textfield to make it pop-up
  • Timeline > if you open search, tap back, the textfield disappear, but title timeline stays hidden. You need to tap back button again to make it appear again
  • Timeline

UI/UX review

  • Currency inconsistent ( Android / Feature - Currency )
  • Wallet > Card icon on top right corner has wrong tint (blue) all other icons are white and use tint blue only on selected
  • Wallet > Gear icon below the card is blue and poor visible, consider to make white liike all the other button not selected (or consider a long tap on the card to activate the edit mode?)
  • Increase affordance of currently selected credit card making the available, but not selected grayscaled or with lower alpha
  • Card > Curve Card Limits UI is a bit poor and misleading. See details should be visible first without tapping
  • Card > Manage Your Subscription > tapping on features you can see the background to change color, but not being interactive Rows it can be dropped
  • Card > Show PIN > UI of the modal/alert can be improved, UI is pretty poor, probably worth at least making the pin with a bigger font and center the text in the middle of the modal


  • PIN should be able to be changed always, with a max limit of time month/year. Only at registration can be a huge limitation
  • App size (actually it’s 90MB, cannot be thinned?)
  • Add georefence with map of where the transaction has happened

2.12.1 (android) already out. And what I just noticed - timeline showing incorrect month (february) still not fixed :frowning_face:


I got the 2.12.1 upgrade just now. After upgrade the app seemed to have reset completely and I was taken through the introduction and had to log back in. Minor bug I suppose.

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Curve send is gone…


Oh yeah it is gone! Didn’t even notice it.

Thats the first thing I’ve noticed🤔

Thank you @ghego! Your feedback has been shared with our product team :slight_smile:

Do you mean it’s gone from the Beta app? Cc: @Malik @JaimeFer

Well yeah… My app have been automatically updated to 2.12.1 and curve send is not present in this release… Before the update was there :sweat_smile:

@Curve_Marie correct , the send tab is gone. Please see attached screenshot.

Yep, I see hamburger menu has been fixed in today’s release (2.12.1)

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