Bug Report Android 2.13.12

Using dark mode, I got the following:

It was on multiple pages including the Send page - have removed that screenshot as I realised my contacts phone numbers where visible!

If it helps, I had been viewing the FAQ and found the above when I went back to the main app.

Using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Which dark mode theme are you using? ‘System Default’ or ‘(dark mode) On’? :point_down:t2:

I have dark mode switched on and it had been working fine since launch apart from this one instance.

As I have posted elsewhere, I find the white option (dark mode off) way too bright - it’s almost painful on my eyes - Curve should use a different white

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Here are some more bugs I have discovered:

I have the same bug gt94sss2 reported here: Bug Report Android 2.13.12
I also use the Curve dark mode
For me it only shows when I have opened the app, leave it open in the background, switch to different apps and have Curve open in the background for a few hours and then switching back to the Curve app.
Its not only in the settings but the entire app incl. transactions are black on black then.

Same old bug as reported here has still not been fixed

On my Huawei device it always shows the Curve Cash card by default when the launching Curve App.
On my OnePlus device it always shows the 1st added card by default when the launching Curve App.
Swiping down to refresh fixes it (but its annoying)

New bug starting 2.13.12:
Really strange:
Random transactions are shown as pending through my entire timeline. It doesnt matter how far in the past I go, every 3rd or 4th transaction is shown as pending. When I click on it and then go back to the overview, its not shown as pending anymore but others are then.
This is clearly a bug since I have over 100 transactions shown as pending even thou they are completed.

If I scroll very fast down to previous transactions old completed transactions are now incorrectly shown as refunded, clicking on it and going back fixes it, other transactions are shown as refunded then.

The new refund display is very confusing.
It used to be that the amount is just changed to 0€ or no amount shown at all anymore and just saying “REFUNDED”.
Now instead it shows in green “+€…”
As a user it looks like I actually received money even thou its just a full refund, meaning nothing has been paid.

Lidl charges 5€ on 03 Jan
Lidl refunds the full amount (5€) on 05JAN

There are only 2 ways that make sense to the end user:
03JAN -5€
05JAN +5€


A is the usual way most banks do it on the paper transaction sheets
B was the previous design on Curve

Right now it is shown as the following:
03JAN +5€

So to any user it looks like we actually made money since 5€ were not taken out but only credited to the account.


Excellent summary, @Lucas - here’s hoping all these bugs get squashed for the next release, as you say some have been around for a while now!


New version out - Bug Report Android 2.13.13