Bug Report Android 2.13.13

Almost still the same bugs as posted here:

I only see 1 fix for me:
Fixed: not showing Curve cash / 1st added card when opening the app, now it correctly goes directly to the currently activated card

timeline: is it just me or are all the transactions bigger now meaning less transaction fit on 1 screen?

new symbols for transaction types under wallet: just my personal choice, I dont like the new ones :wink:

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Most of the bugs are still there from last year.

Timeline transactions are same size as before.

New icons are definitely less pleasing on the eyes than the old ones.

Agree @Lucas the card when opening the app finally seems to be working!

I agree. Icons are ugly

Sadly this seems to be unfixed again in the latest version…

Same for me. But now it does not always go to the 1st card, sometimes it goes to the card in the middle :smiley: