Bug Report Android 2.14.05

Just installed the new update, having it open for 1 sec shows a prominent bug:
Under “Wallet” I always receive “Could not load FX rates” at the bottom of the screen as warning.

Is there a changelog available to see which bugs have been resolved?

Same to me

It doesn’t happen to me, everything seems to be working.

Not clear to me what is meant here.

Does this warning suppose to appear every time and is the bug now it doesn’t? In this case I had this bug on all app versions including 2.14.05.

Or should this warning not appear and is the bug now it does? In this case I don’t experience this bug (and never have).

@poeliev @Lucas thanks for reporting this. If you close the app and open it again do you still see this warning? It is coming from the Insights section trying to load FX rates but receiving a timeout from the server. Once you close and open it again the rates should be available, we’re working on improving this.

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Hi @nicb, I didn’t report the bug, it just wasn’t clear to me from the opening post if the bug is that there was a warning or if the bug is that there wasn’t. From your post I now know it is the former. In that case, I didn’t have this bug.

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@nicb any chance of a changelog as @Lucas mentioned? It’s been requested a few times before but it would really help with beta testing. Also we’ve had a few regressions in functionality happen recurrently (e.g. the carousel being spun to the far end) - have those sort of things been recognised as issues?


Sure no problem. 2.14.5 to BETA here is the change log:

  • Deleting old unused code in app
  • Crashes fixes when losing network connection.
  • Insights FX fixes
  • Updated design system, list items on most screens should now look the same.
  • New UI for transaction category change screen
  • Made profile use new list items
  • Replaced deprecated bottom bar
  • Removed unused resources
  • Copy changes to “Continue” button

The card carousel actually hasn’t been updated a quite a few releases, that bug is just intermittent. The carousel will be replaced / rewritten in the future.


That’s really helpful, thanks! If there was any chance of something similar being posted (along with anything the development keen are keen we look out for or give a go at testing) with future updates that would be great! :+1:


No problem, getting beta feedback helps us. I’ll let the rest of the Android team know we need to update the community when we do beta releases. :pray:


Nope, getting this every time I open the app. Also clean cache + force close didn’t help

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Same here - only started appearing since the most recent version…

It’s a pretty major bug @nicb as it covers the navigation icons when it keeps popping up, so would be good if the developers could give it some priority to sort :slight_smile:

@ediflyer it is definitely. The problem is it isn’t actually a bug in the app, it’s just highlighting an existing server side problem.

The Insights section has always showed aggregated totals in a single currency. In the past when it could not load FX rates from the server for a given currency pair it would fail silently and the totals would come up as a 1:1 conversion.

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Currently I have Curve version 2.14.1 (on android) and dont have this issue.

I have version 2.14.5 and I don’t have this issue.

I’m on the same version but do have it

Latest version - Bug report Android 2.14.6