Bug report Android 2.14.6

@Malik sorry it took so long.


Great that keyboard doesn’t keep disappearing in transaction search @nicb, but could the weeks without a transaction also be hidden? It can take a LOT of scrolling!.. :wink:


Another old bug! :older_man: I’ll raise it again.

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@nicb looks like we spoke too soon - carousel bug just reappeared for me again…


What’s the carousel bug ?

See my screenshot above - when you enter the app it is scrolled to the far left rather than being centred on the active card. Has come and gone over the past few versions.

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I didn’t even realize it was a bug, I thought it was meant to be like that.

TimeTravel does not show correctly the “from” card

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@ediflyer, we haven’t made any changed to the carousel. It’s just a very intermittent bug.

We are planning on re-writing the carousel soon as the current module is temperamental.

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Thanks for reporting this, I’ll investigate it.

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Ah OK, thanks


What is the forced passcode thing about? Curve should be using the Biometrics API in their app where whatever the phone uses for biometric authentication is (quite rightly) abstracted away from the app developer. What’s it to them whether your phone has face unlock or a fingerprint reader? It’s nothing to do with them.


This sort of stuff really ***** me off. This API has been around for years and only one UK bank (Nationwide) is doing the thing properly as far as I’m aware.

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What is the forced passcode thing you’re talking about ?

From the changelog in the OP:

“Force pass code recreation after logging in (like iOS)”

I read the changelog, but I don’t really knows what it means.

@uvarvu you can use passcode or Biometrics, both options should be available in your profile.


It’s only a guess but I suspect your app is using the fingerprint API which has been deprecated since Android 9 was released. You should be using Biometrics which as said before abstracts away the biometric capabilities of the device. If you use this then I’ll see an option for face unlock, I have a Pixel 4 XL which doesn’t have a fingerprint reader but it does have face unlock. As said before only Nationwide has done this (and shockingly HMRC).

https://developer.android.com/reference/android/hardware/fingerprint/package-summary (deprecated)

@uvarvu we are using the newer biometrics API for the actual biometrics challenge. Unfortunately in order show the switch we are using the old fingerprint API to check if your hardware has fingerprints enrolled, otherwise we could have ended up showing the switch to people that have no biometrics.

When Google launched Androidx Biometrics that didn’t initially provide a way of checking if you have biometric support before showing an actual biometric challenge. So developers switched over to the Biometrics API but were stilling using old code to check before showing the option to users. Many people flagged this with Google and they didn’t see it as a problem until they launch a device with biometrics and no fingerprint reader, so towards the end of last year they updated their library to include BiometricManager.from(context).canAuthenticate() which we will be using in an upcoming release.


Ahhhh okay - well thanks for this and I hope the update gets rolled out soon :slight_smile:

New version now out Bug report Android 2.14.7