Bug report Android 2.14.7

Change log:

  • Update error handling and UI for refunds
  • Network crash fixes
  • Wallet card list screen use list items from design system
  • Share Curve view updated
  • Payments with friends view updated
  • Biometric fix for devices with no fingerprint reader but do have other biometric hardware
  • Fixed Card subscription not loading
  • Fixed upgrade to metal confirmation not showing

Suspect it was related to this being released but I was logged out the app again today. Had to login again by clicking on Google account icon although I was never sent a Magic link, it just prompted me straight away to pick new pass code and I then had to re-enable fingerprint login. Seems like a bug rather than any form of security given it reset the pass code and removed fingerprint authentication?

PS thanks for posting these changelogs, @nicb - really helpful :+1:

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BTW minor point but has been the case since dark mode introduced - the 365 day limit has the wrong ‘unfilled’ colour.

Interesting…for me the 365 days limit has the same unfilled colour as the 30 days limit (and the daily limit), see screenshot below.
Could the white colour mean you have ‘almost’ reached a limit? Or maybe the bug is only there when you have a limit of £100,000?

Good questions! Here’s hoping the team will sort it out, although if they’re looking for a volunteer to check how it looks worth a £500k limit I’m happy to step up… :laughing:

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@ediflyer £500K :moneybag::rofl: I think there is some logic to change the colour when it hits 80%.

White is not a great warning colour though.


@uvarvu did this release help at all with biometrics on your Pixel 4?

You can contact support so they will increase your limits.
I currently have 50.000

@nicb It did! I’m well happy, Face Unlock on a Pixel is really fast :sunglasses:


Woohoo, new “cosmetic” bug on 2.14.7 (android). :zipper_mouth_face:

When opening app, for some reason it shows “Add New Card” screen in wallet (it happened before, that is nothing new, but this time for unknown reason app shows Revolut VISA card design for it). First time.

Please post any bugs in the new thread - Bug report Android 2.15.0