Bug report Android 2.15.0

Change log:

  • Mostly internal changes to the code-base to enabled faster development in the future
  • Zendesk upgraded, hopefully support tickets will work more reliably now

Good new re support tickets, thanks @nicb

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Still unable to go back in time from a card to curve cash is it normal? Thx

Not a bug.


You can’t move transactions onto your rewards card.


Thanks for the info.
It was possible before like 1 year ago… :frowning:


In that case maybe the fact, that it was possible before, was the bug? Since it looks like the last time that support page was updated was on:

23 June 2018 23:15

When opening app card is shifted all the way to the right.

Unfortunately it a persistent bug that keeps reappearing! I think @nicb said previously that it may have to wait for the next UI revamp.

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