Bug report Android 2.21.1

Sorry for the lack of change logs and beta builds recently.

  • Fixed some bugs and crashes when running in the background
  • Made app respond better to device configuration changes, splitting the screen ect
  • Deleted unused code
  • Payment verification improvements

After making Gbit and later checking on the purchase in Curve app timeline, the Gbit shows wrong the cards. When you make Gbit from A to B, the pics should show the cards A to B. Now when checking the purchase in the timeline, it shows B to B

i have this bug in GBiT, both cards image are the same! please make it working without problems

When trying to GBIT Curve doesn’t offer me my other cards (only the one the transaction was debited to originally) so I can’t select a new card. Therefore unable to do GBIT. The transaction is from 29th June.

Weird, looks fine for me - shows card B with the flux capacitor logo on it as it always used to. Animation during GBIT fine too.

All of mine are showing up OK as options (v2.20.1 - nothing newer showing in Play Store just now)

Just checked - mine is v2.20.1 too. I’ll probably wait till 2.21.1 appears in Play store then upgrade and try again.

It is strange though.

We haven’t actually made changes in the app to GBit in this release. It was disabled on the back-end during the move from Wirecard and had been re-enabled on the back-end today.

When you perform a GBit and later revisit the transaction, it shows the wrong original card. That is not connected to this release either and has been the case for some time. Unfortunately the back-end returns the original card incorrectly to the app. I will report this to the appropriate team.

The weird thing is I’m not seeing that! Both transaction list and detail of transactions correctly show the new card with the GBIT logo on it! Did get the carousel scroll bug when I went back in to the app to check this though :joy:

Someone is suggesting a solution in another topic:

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This did the trick to me too! Thanks!

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That’s not the problem. The card shows correct on the lists.

You have to open the already made Gbit purchase on timeline, and then press again Gbit in the purchase. There you see two cards, and is shoud be A to B, but it’s B to B.

Ah OK I see it now - I guess I never go that far back in!

Did you find it, and i assume you’ve got the cards shown wrong also?

Yes, that’s what I meant when I said I could see it :wink:

@ediflyer yeah, that’s the bug, an incorrect image when you go three levels deep.

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Not just the image - the name of the card too :slight_smile:

When starting the app there is a small window tapping home button, recent or back which will close the app but not the fingerprint login screen.
This remains constantly and you can’t close it. Also switching off the screen won’t work only restarting the phone.

Out of interest what phone are you using? I’m using a OnePlus 6 and if I press one of those soft keys it closes the fingerprint bit for me.

It’s a OnePlus 5.
Pushing Recent Apps makes the Curve App seeing in the background appear and disappear but not in fullscreen mode.