Bug report Android 2.23.1

There is an issue with GBit crashing while loading cards for some users. We published a fix on Friday but the Play Store as been slow rolling out this release. Hopefully it will be available to everyone soon.

I received the update today (to V2.23.1) and the problem seems to be fixed - thank you.

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@ECourts that’s a relief. Enjoy your time travelling.

On 2.23.1 in Germany (on Samsung S10e) - cannot see an option to add loyalty cards.

@nicb this is becoming quite frustrating now. How do we add loyalty cards to the wallet? There does not seem to be any functionality present. I’m using version 2.23.1. A quick response, like the GBIT one previously, would be very appreciated.

@JM61 I don’t think this feature is available to everyone yet, are you a BETA user?

@nicb: I’m a BETA user, but I don’t see this option in the Beta app. Even on the latest one - 2.23.1

Yes, @nicb I am a beta user, which is why I have 2.23.1. Is there something that needs to be set at Curve’s end? I also raised a support ticket yesterday, but there has still been no reply from that.

bug: cant GbiT on USD transactions.

Transcation in USD
charged originally to an underlying card in EUR
Now I’m suppose to GbIT to another underlying card set in EUR, but always says new underlying card is in a different currency even thou all my cards in EUR

Hi @Curve_Sam, I have Android version 2.23.0 and there is no such functionality available. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @JM61,

this here is the iOS Beta thread. I would advise you to post here to report the bug for the Android operating system: Bug report Android 2.23.0


I’m not sure of the Android beta state, but I’ve asked the android / loyalty team to take a look

Hey @JM61,

The loyalty feature is currently only available to beta testers. Are you an Android beta tester?
If not, you can sign up here https://mailchi.mp/curve.app/beta and we’ll get you added :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes I am an Android beta tester, but cannot find this new functionality anywhere on version 2.23.1, which is my current version.

You are not missing much…

@JM61 I’ve just enabled your account for the loyalty feature.
if you force quit the app and reload it, you should now be able to see the loyalty feature :+1:.


@Curve_Nagra: Can you please enable the feature to add loyalty cards to my account as well?

Hey @w.joseph - your account should now be enabled for the Loyalty feature :+1:.

Thanks @Curve_Nagra! I confirm that I can see the “Loyalty” tab now… Cheers!

Discussion continues in Bug report Android 2.24.0