Bug report Android 2.24.0

Interesting bug:
Accidentally topped up Revolut, via Curve. Tried to GBiT to Revolut, understandably declined. Then tried to fix at least FX a little bit by GBiT to another card, that worked, but the bug is that in Curve timeline the transaction appears as Declined.
Money is on Revolut though and the wrong underlying card was refunded and the GBiT target debited.

@Curve_Nagra: Can you please enable the feature to add loyalty cards to my account as well?

@Curve_Nagra Can you enable loyalty cards for me also? Thanks :slight_smile:

google seems to be not in hurry to provide update for everyone.
I’m still on 2.23.1.

Update: 2.25.1 already out. I have it.

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