Bug report Android 2.28.0

I still haven’t received this update in Google Play. Is it normal for it to take this long?

Hello nicb, Curve Team,

Could you please send me public version apk 2.25.1.? I am still struggling with beta 2.26.1. and it won’t get upgraded nor will google play offer me the public version for installation. As a workaround I installed the public version on my mom’s phone with her own Google play account but my Curve account and I have kept asking her to change cards in the Curve app for me… When will my unsubscription request submitted via the link yesterday in the morning be validated against my Google play account? Please note when I add my own google play account to another android device, the very same early access app (V. 2.26.1.) is being offered for installation.

Thank you and best wishes,


AFAIK, it’s not normal to see a delay of 3 days. I’m guessing the Play Store rejected the release due to some reason.

I stand corrected. The Beta version 2.28.0 is available on Google Play Store now.

There was even 7 days delay previously for me. 3 days is nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yup, you were right!

The Beta version 2.28.0 is available on Google Play Store now.

Done. Now on 2.28.0. Issue persists. No card details in the app. My transactions are not displayed and the app keeps freezing when trying to change cards. Has to be restarted several times before I can do anything including changing cards in the app. As a result GBIT cannot be used. Please help me get public apk 2.25.1 as that was the last stable version on my android 8, Sony F5121. Please help me.

Hi @szabo.miklos previously you said the app was crashing after login. Are now able to login but have a different issue?

It’s all after login. Login is working. After that whatever I do, it stops working and the app is crashing. Operations causing guaranteed freeze: swiping over cards, trying to load cumulated transactions history. Any other operations cause random unresponsiveness.

@nicb, samples:

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Finally today 2.28.0 showed up in play store. Previous was 2.25.1.

Issue while turning it off

What have you done to v2.28.0 (non-beta)?

Any screen listing information (that I believe needs to be downloaded/checked if it’s changed) takes 45-60 seconds to become responsive.

I’ve done all the usual. Clearing cache, reinstalling etc. The issue still persists!

So, with a fresh install of the app:

  1. Open Curve.
  2. Wait 45-60 seconds for the wallet to display and the app to become responsive.
  3. Tap the “timeline” tab.
  4. Wait 45-60 seconds for the timeline to display and the app to become responsive.
  5. Tap the “account” tab.
  6. Displays immediately and is responsive immediately.
  7. Tap the “timeline” tab.
  8. Displays immediately, but still takes 45-60 seconds to become responsive.
  9. Tap the “wallet” tab.
  10. Displays immediately, but still takes 45-60 seconds to become responsive.

On a no. of occasions, while waiting for the app to become responsive, the dreaded Android “Curve isn’t responding” dialog is displayed with the options to “kill”, “wait” & “send feedback”.

This has been happening since the app updated yesterday morning (UK time). It’s basically unusable like this and was perfectly fine in the previous version. You’ve changed something!!!

Sony Xperia X Compact (F5321)
Android 8.0

I dont have issues @thecremlin mentioned with 2.28.0 on my device with android 9.

Issue: Main screen broken since before I became Beta tester. The bugs still aren’t fixed.

How to reproduce it: try navigating the main options on the first landing page in the app. Pics attached

OS: Android Oreo 8.0

Device: G935F (Samsung S7 Edge)

App version: 2.28.0


It looks @szabo.miklos & @thecremlin are experiencing very similar issues with responsiveness anywhere when transaction data is loaded. You’re also on very similar hardware, Sony Xperia X (Sony F5121) & Sony Xperia X Compact (F5321).

We may have found the root cause of this, possibly introduced by a database change a few weeks back in 2.26.0. Do you mind if I DM you for more details?

@waseemmirza thanks for reporting, sorry to see this.

Looking at your other report it seems you have had a problem for several months with your account rather than something new in 2.28.0.

Based off your screen shots it looks like the application gets an error from the server when loading your account information. I assume you’ve been through the usual steps of re-installing ect. Have you got in touch with support about this issue? Hopefully they will be able to fix some settings on your account and get you back up and running quickly.

@nicb Feel free to DM. I can’t remember what version I was on, but I think it was 2.25 and I’ve jumped to 2.28.

I am glad to assist you further within direct messaging.

Hi nic,

Yes I have had this problem for months, and reported it several times but no one did anything. This is why i signed up for beta hoping to find a solution! Can you help push this directly to the right person in Curve to help as I’m now out of options! Have been through with Support for most of 2020, carrying out things like deleting cache, reinstalling app, delete wiping the phone (!) and starting from scratch, but I’ve gotten nowhere.

Many thanks

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