Bug report Android 2.33.0

  • Updated UI for Country Selector & Currency Picker
  • Removed unused code & resources

thx as always @nicb
any ETA when the broken timeline gets fixed? rather major bug (exp. AUTHs still shown as pending, wrong transaction amount displayed, partial refunds shown incorrectly,…)

At opening app after fingerprint confirm, appears logo and still for about 5-6 seconds, before the app opens. I remember a few months ago, many updates before, that app opened instantly after fingerprint confirm. I tried clear cache and clear data. That bug still exists.
Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
Any solution ?

I will pass on this feedback. I know there are plans to change how transactions are shown.

@foris there could a few reasons for this. Have you tried mobile internet vs wifi. Sometimes that can make difference.

Out of interest if you go “Timeline” -> “Filter icon (2nd icon on the top right)”. It should say xxx results, that is the amount of transactions you’ve made with Curve. We’ve noticed users with several thousand transactions can sometimes have performance issues, we’re working on optimising this.

Unfortunately, its not a design flaw, its a major bug that expired AUTHs (even from months / years ago) are still shown as pending and many times even show 1€ / $ / even thou they were removed / expired / never captured.
And same with partial refunds, they show an incorrect amount, sometimes totally random values. The backend is correct thou, all transactions are processed correctly.
But with the current major bugs its not possible to rely on the Curve app timeline, only the card statements from the underlying banks.

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430 results, not several thousands transactions.I have tried mobile internet and wifi, same result.

2.33.1 is released. Changelog? :slight_smile:

@moon it’s actually a just tiny hotfix release, really dull.

We’re using Major.Minor.Patch consider 2.33.0 & 2.33.1 pretty much the same thing.


Continued in Bug report Android 2.35.0