Bug report Android 2.35.0

Change log:

  • New section navigation in Wallet
  • New UI in account tab
  • Clean-up of unused code
  • Various dependency upgrades
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The new wallet and account UIs are very sexy! Nice job!

  1. I had to login again when I installed this update.

  2. I experience an excessive delay (approx 5 seconds) between logging in via my fingerprint and the Wallet screen loading. All I get in that time is a screen with the Curve logo on.

  3. There is a similar, if shorter delay when launching the app, before it asks me for biometric authentication in the first place.

  4. This bug, first reported over 6 months ago, still also exists.

I am using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 using Android 10.

Few things:

  • Yes, I had to login again when I installed the update too, but it was only once so it’s not too much of a hassle. Still gave me a slight scare today in the supermarket, though.
  • Can there be a way to disable/remove the annoying popup of “Invite your friends” that appears underneath the cards in the wallet every time you switch to a card? I’ve been with Curve for 8 months now, I’m aware how referrals work.
  • The Transaction list still doesn’t remove/mark pending discussions (and Insights still counts them as “paid”, which makes it slightly useless).

Not at all impressed with the £5 referral banner constantly coming up on opening the app. Surely if I’m paying £15 a month, I shouldn’t have to put up with advertising cluttering up my view?


Agreed - it shouldn’t keep returning once dismissed. I’d count this as a bug - @nicb do you agree?

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Thanks for reporting.
I agree the banner should not come back when you dismiss it, I think it’s probably a bug rather than intentional. I pass this on to the team responsible.


Still dont see 2.35.0 in google play. Currently on 2.33.1.

Are you in the beta programme? Not sure if this was a full release to everyone or only to beta channel (I’ve got it OK).

Nope. I am not :slight_smile:

Ah OK, that’ll might well be it then! I’d imagine it won’t be long before it comes across. :+1:

I’m now being offered the 2.35.1 beta. Wonder what’s changed?

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Suspect just minor bugfixes for a point release from what @nicb said before.

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For one, the invite friends banner doesn’t appear anymore, so that’s good :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes you guessed it, it was a patch with a bugfix for that banner.

Thanks for reporting it, if we had sent it out beyond beta there would have been a lot of annoyed people :smile:


I think its ok if banner comes back like 1 time per month.

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Hi @nicb,
there is a bug in the app v2.35.1 as I can’t see a transaction as refunded in Timeline while it has refunded OK to the underlying card.
I had two such refunds in the last 4 days.

I’ve got that in v2.33.1. A refund over the weekend isn’t showing in the timeline, but has gone to the underlying card.

Thanks for reporting, is 2.35.1 definitely the problem? Were you seeing the refund on a previous version?

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I can say that it’s been going on for a long time. I have refunded 200€ Amazon transaction on my timeline still there since the 19th of September.

The refund was done correctly, but the timeline doesn’t show anything to indicate it (and it still counts as an expense in Insights). Also Back in Time shows correctly that the transaction was refunded, but it doesn’t show under the transaction itself. It seems it’s only a visual/counting bug in all the timelines that display transactions…

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