Bug report Android 2.40.1

Change log:

  • Updated Wallet & Insights transaction list UI
  • Updated Section headers UI
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Thanks, Nic. Minor bug when adding a card (I don’t think this is new, just not fixed yet!)

  1. Add new card
  2. Edit name to match card (I wanted to remove my middle name that Curve adds by default)
  3. Edit address
  4. Name has reverted to default rather than remembering the change the user just made (I think it might be the same if expiry and CVV entered)

@ediflyer thanks for the feedback.

I’m pretty sure Adding cards is being rewritten soon.

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hi, do you know anything about this bug?

After you scroll in the Timeline the transaction amounts get wrong. After this the amounts also get corrupt in the Wallet and Finances.
The daily spent amount is correct, but then compare to the transaction amounts.

See screenshots.

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Continues in Bug report Android 2.41.0