Bug report Android 2.55.0

Thanks for the feedback @ediflyer it will be the first tab in My Money so not demoted at all.

Once you tap My Money you will see it straight away as if you were tapping Timeline. Insights & Timeline have a lot of overlapping functionality so this a small step to creating a better place in the future to see your transaction history.

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Cheers, @nicb - just got the update and see what you mean, looks good :+1:

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WooW nice .
u know looks VERY GOOD :wink:

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I like it too

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Loving the new look! :grin::+1:

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For me the new look doesn’t make any sense.
Under wallet we now have the card selection tab + transactions for the currently card only.
Its on the far left now and account got moved to the far right → totally messes up the stored habit to click on the middle tab to change cards, really annoying.

The ‘my money’ tab now shows all transcation for all cards, but it does NOT

  • show to which card the transaction went (crucial!)
  • allow unlimited scrolling in the past, only to browse 1 month at a time

it still shows “could not load FX rates.” constantly, therefore hiding the bottom transaction. I can dismiss it by swiping right but it reappears every time I click on anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Curve for its functionality but I’m really displeased the way the production has gone the last year. New features (loyalty, credit,…) were introducted instead of fixing the crucial bugs that have been around for more than a year: timeline fix, showing refunds correctly, …

The entire Curve statement in the app is incorrect with wrong amounts, wrong refunds (showing incorrect values, not showing any refunds whatsoever) etc. so I can’t rely on it at all for any bookkepping and can only rely on the underlying card statements.


Any screenshots from this new version? Dont see it in google play yet.

Thanks for the feedback.
Timeline is inside My Money it is the exact same functionality as before.

I cant find the search button anymore for searching for a transaction, is that gone or am I just blind?

It’s showing at the top of ‘My Money’ (when in default Timeline view) for me, just next to filter and share?

The ‘could not load FX rates’ bug still persists in Insights though, think that’s been there a year or so now :rofl:

Thanks for info. I will not update at this time as I’m really used to changing cards by clicking in to middle.

Note to Curve: Make possible to customize bottom tab order as users please.

I agree the new location of the card wallet is extremely annoying.

It would be much better if the account tab and the wallet were the other way around.

Even better if it was the third tab or the middle of 5. Not the first one please!

I cannot see Timeline tab inside My Money. Only these: ALL, CATEGORIES, CARDS and BUSINESS.
ALL is not the same as Timeline was.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve found an issue effecting some users outside of the UK. A hotfix is on the way soon.

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As a small visual bug, the Insights tabs has a duplicate header now as a result of the change:

I would add myself to this request, even adding the possibility of removing tabs/buttons entirely (for example, Curve Send is entirely redundant in my country, I’ll never use it)


So basically to get to “Timeline” there is now 2 clicks? First “My money” and then “Timeline” ? :face_with_monocle:

@moon no just “My Money” as it will be on “Timeline” by default.
It works a bit like “Wallet” which contains payment card and loyalty cards but defaults to payment cards.

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@Nelthorim thanks for reporting, the duplicate toolbar issue will be fixed in the next release.

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Continues in Bug Report Android 2.56.0