Bug Report Android 2.56.0

Change log :

  • Bug fixes and improvements

I have some issues which are not necessarily linked to this version but which I would be grateful if they are addressed.

  1. Using 3DS - the in-app approval has never worked for me. I get the notification saying I should open the app to approve the transaction but when I do, there is nothing to approve. So i have to request an SMS code each time (using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1)

  2. Recently, my Curve transactions fail - for instance on Farfetch or the Amex UK site. I input the 3DS code and then get an error message saying the transaction has failed. The transaction shows in the app (though it says its been fully(refunded) and is shown as pending in my underlying account as well.

  3. Sometimes if I make transactions with different retailers but the same underlying bank card, that bank account shows a single pending transaction under one of the retailers for the entire amount - rather than showing as different pending transactions/showing the right retailer and amount;

  4. More generally, on refunds, is it possible to have the refund showing as a separate transaction please?

  5. This 1 year old bug still exists in the app.

Going back to v2.56.0:

a) In the Wallet, I see some cards have a “You’re ready to spend” but if you scroll that up, you see transactions for some reason (which have nothing to do with that underlying card)

b) In the Wallet and the Card “Quick Switch” screen, I sometimes find the wrong logo or card nickname showing against a card (this issue predates this version)

Thanks for reporting @gt94sss2, it doesn’t look like your issue is specific to this release. I will make sure to pass your feedback to the relevant team.

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Newer app version available, please continue there: