Bug Report Android 2.57.0

Change Log:

  • Reduced the app size
  • Fixed a bug with duplicate toolbars in Insights effecting some users
  • Made Wallet load faster for Open Banking users
  • Fixed a crash when viewing PAN on the Account tab

Thanks for the update :+1::+1::+1::blush::heart:


Not a new bug, but if you go into the card list and pick to reorder it allows a touch anywhere on the line (rather than just over the hamburger icon on the right of the line) to move a card. This means you can’t scroll the list when in edit mode! Based on other apps I think only the bit on the right should initiate a move, the rest of it should let you scroll. Hopefully that makes sense, @HamidMehmood @nicb - just say if not.

The other issue I’ve noticed is when swiping along the carousel and tapping a card it often jumps back a card or two to a different card - if you scroll back it has selected the correct one, but it shouldn’t really be jumping around :slight_smile:


Hi @ediflyer ,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Will pass the feedback to the relevant team for improvements. :+1:



Another bug report - can’t remember if reported before or not! As you know the current UI doesn’t let you just update the expiry date of a card when you receive a new one (hopefully this will get fixed soon? :slight_smile: ) - however in the meantime you have to remove the old card and add the new one. However if the old card is the active card you just an error message when removing it. Would probably be more helpful if it told you the active card cannot be removed and to pick another one before trying to remove it?

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