Bug Report Android 2.68.0

Change Log:

Mobile Team is currently working on Exciting features, for now some general bug fixes to improve app experience.

Rewards scheme for European citizens for example :wink::wink::wink::+1::+1::+1: Great !

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Thanks, any chance of more detail on here for us Beta testers though? Good to know if specific bugs that have been reported have been fixed :slight_smile:


Future feature request: please consider showing ATM limits for both the UK and whilst abroad. Currently this just shows the UK values, but it would be great, whilst abroad, to see the limit and current spend.

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On the account tab, I click on Settings. I see many options. Behind the description of the option there is a little arrow (>) if the user can change something when he/she clicks that option.

For a long time Android users could not change their email address in the Curve app, but now they can. However the little arrow is missing behind the email address in the setting list.

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Thank you for the suggestion. One of the feature team is currently working on that. Will be available soon. :+1:


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