Bug Report Android 2.70.0


  • Removed unused code
  • Updated dependencies
  • Improved launch speed when not logged in
  • Improvements to In-App Message Experience
  • More bug fixes and improvments

No “Show PIN” if the card is unlocked. No “View card details” if the card is locked.

This seems to be the expected behaviour of the Curve app when one’s Curve Card is blocked (as you are saying you can’t use your Curve card for several days now).

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If this is by design, what is the point? It would have been much more useful to inform me that my card is blocked. Instead, time is being wasted by me telling the support that a particular transaction is not going through and them telling me to contact my bank’s fraud department.

I’m not directing this at you, @poeliev, of course, just venting :slight_smile:

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