Bug Report Android 2.74.0

Changelog :

  • Improved networking
  • Removed unused legacy code
  • Fixed a visual bug in Account with card delivery dates not showing
  • Fixed a logout crash experienced by some users.

Is anyone else finding this version just keeps crashing? I was having problems with app verification not working (SMS was still OK) so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Unfortunately I’m finding everytime I start it you get the Curve logo then it closes itself.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but each time I just get sent the magic link via email, click on it then the app crashes. @nicb

Not sure if it’s related to this bug report too? Can't login - #7 by Pollo600

EDIT: OK so I tried some older versions (via apkmonk) and had the same issue. Then checked more carefully and realised I was using an alternate email address - for some reason Curve was still sending me a login link to it though but when I correct this to the one linked to my account it worked fine. Not sure if there’s maybe a problem with it send a link to any email address that’s entered and not giving an error when trying to signin?

In my case the app does not crash but I see only blank screen after log in.

Ah OK, thanks for clarifying.

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