Bug report Android 2.79.0


  • Bug fixes
  • Improved developer tools
  • Removed the need for a device level account to sync data
  • Improved how background data is loaded

Amazing stuff as usual folks :grin::muscle:


For a while now, in the quick card selector, I often have the wrong card image showing against the name of the card.

Also my old/deleted cards appear in the list of cards there

In addition, I selected a card today, made a payment and it was charged to the wrong card - so I had to use the back in time function.

!!! FIXED !!!

After logged out and logged in again the app started to work again.

Following the problem I had…if could help after the update

Today I have installed the update version 2.79.0 but when I try to log in the app tells me there is no connection and stays in “waiting time” forever and I cannot access to anything. Just like it freezes waiting for internet connection.

No problem with the internet connection, tried wifi and 4g same result. Cleaned cache same result

As of now I cannot use the app

Any suggestion


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@mastergluteus that data syncing is harder than it sounds :smile:

@poeliev this was fixed by the 2.79.1 hotfix.

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I’m afraid I know what you’re talking about :joy: great stuff!


I have just started with curve and have so far made one small grocery purchase.
Although my card has, fortunately, only been billed once the curve app has the transaction repeated three times and has totalled this up as my total spend.

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