Bug Report - Android 2.8.0


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Hi, I don’t see a bug report for this version of the app. I just need to report that the camera force closes when trying to add a receipt image. I’m using Android 9 on a Samsung Note 9.

Hi @markN,

we have tried to reproduce the bug you reported on the same device with the same version of the app but are not able to, can you double check the app settings for the camera permission?

A workaround can be to take the picture and add it from the gallery.

@curve_tino & @curve_tobias

This bug is certainly still present on my phone. I reported it for version 2.7.5 of the app but it’s still present now I’ve updated to 2.8.0 and rebooted. I was able to find a similar report a few days ago from another member but that was marked as being moved to the bug report thread and now seems to have disappeared.
To be clear, I select an existing transaction and select “add a receipt” and then “photograph a receipt”. The camera app briefly opens but then closes immediately. Trying this again results in android reporting “Camera keeps stopping”. I have checked that the curve app has permission to use the camera. I have tried removing permission, then going back to the app and attempting to add a receipt again. At this point the app asks for permission to use the camera which I grant and it then closes again.

An issue which I have also noticed in previous versions as well as the current one but not previously seen reportedly here

When looking at my wallet, some of my cards are not showing their nicknames… though if I go into the card details, you can see the name there.

This is illustrated in the following screenshots:

prd prd

Using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Hi @gt94sss2,

Thanks for reporting this.

I have not been able to reproduce this with the test devices in the office, I have asked a colleague that has the same device as you to give it a try, if that doesn’t work out, I’ll try to reproduce this on our device farm.

We appreciate your feedback and I will keep this thread updated.


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Just as a datapoint - they’re showing up OK for me (OnePlus 6)

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My colleague has confirmed that the nicknames don’t show on some cards. I will make a report for the devs to lock this.

Thanks for your help,


Newer version available: Bug Report - Android 2.9.0