Bug report Android 2.81.0


  • Fixed a crash when trying to revoke & or renew open banking connection while offline
  • Improved Referral Screen.

Hi @nicb, in 2.81.1 the in-app chat gives you options dark grey on black, and given the app is in dark mode they are not very readable.

The various lists don’t appear to support “&” characters.

Included are a couple of screen shots from the Curve app for a transaction from “The Fig & Olive”.

As you can see the “&” isn’t displayed, but the spaces are (as the gap is bigger than a single space).

Also included is the same transaction as displayed by the underlying card’s app. As you can see the “&” is there, so it’s not like Curve doesn’t know about it.

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Agreed, Curve does not like the & character in the retailers name. Although it does pass it on to underlying card fine.

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