Bug Report Android 2.83.0

Change log:

  • Clearer decline messages
  • Referral Redesigned.

While I am sure that we all appreciate any improvements to the app, can you say if there are any plans to fix pre-existing bugs which which have been previously reported?

Hi @gt94sss2,

Appreciate you taking time and helping us improve the app experience. The team is working really hard to provide new features for customers and working on improving/fixing bugs. All the bugs are prioritised by how critical they are. If you could provide me with more details on which specific bug you are talking about, i can try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Looking forward for your reply.

Hi @HamidMehmood

Thanks for your reply.

Two which are very long standing are

a) the 15th card image doesn’t display correctly:

This occurred previously elsewhere in the list of cards but when fixing that, this one stopped displaying

b) I frequently get the wrong card name appearing against the wrong image (including cards which have expired/been deleted):

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