Bug report Android 2.84.0


  • New Referral Invitations Screen.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Seems to me that the Can’t load FX rate has been fixed.

The newest update logged me out of the app, and when requesting a one-time code on my mobile phone, I get an “Error validating verification code”.

Same. I’m completely locked out of the app.

Same problem here. Forced to login again and now locked out of app.

Guys, fix it and fix it now.

Hey @giorgos.neokleous,

When will it be fixed? Any news on this problem?

Thanks :blush:

Same. I’m completely locked out of the app. And my card is locked because I blocked it yesterday


Hey everyone! As mentioned on Twitter @AskCurve, we’re currently experiencing some issues with customers not being able to log into the Curve app. Our engineers are on the case and all hands are on deck to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

Currently, it looks to be an error with a third-party provider we work with for authentication, which is being worked on as we speak.

If we have any further updates, we’ll post in here as well as over on @AskCurve.

Cheers for your patience!


I have the same issue. When I installed back the previous app release it has the same problem, cannot login back to app.

If it’s any consolation, I can’t get into a bunch of other fintech / challenger banking apps either, so it’s not just Curve… The authentication folks are clearly having A Bad Day…

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I have the same problem. the server does not recognize the verification code

Beat me to it, @poeliev! Thanks for crossposting. :muscle:


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