Bug report Android 2.85.0


  • Updated list item component
  • Removed unused code
  • Improved offline caching on some features
  • Updated bottom bar icons
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Good. And now Curve app was little bit faster and lighter too.

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I keep being prompted to re-verify my mobile number each time I load the app. It verifies fine but then I have to go through the welcome screens again. Quite annoying! Any ideas?

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Sounds like it’s logging you out at some point rather than persisting your log in.

When did this start? Have you tried a fresh install?

It could be similar to this. SMS validation every time I open the Curve app - #3 by nicb

Thanks @nicb - agree this sounds very similar. I’ll try a full uninstall/reinstall. It started with the last version (I think I posted a comment in passing in the thread on it).

Continues in Android bug report 2.86.0