Bug Report - Android 2.9.2+20902 gfx

Nothing harmfull but its there.
When You observe timeline and switch to filter section, then go back, some images of cards are flickering.
This occurs also when You are on timeline and some other app put something on top of the current screen.
Presented this in movie (observe the colored card on the left side, financial data are blurred on purpose):


Samsung Galaxy S9
Beta App version: 2.9.2+20902
Android version PPR1.180610.011.G960FXXU6CSG7
Kernel: 4.9.59-16381285

I got exactly the same thing and has happened on the previous versions as well.
I run an OnePlus 7 Pro and my android version is its own Oxygen 9.5.11 (Android 9).
Kernell is 4.14.83.
Same app version as @Thax atm.

Hi @Thax and @emontes,

Thanks for reporting, we are aware and this will be tackled in the redesign of the app.


Got an issue where it doesn’t log on after using fingerprint. I have to tap default biometric and then use the fingerprint a second time. Video below.

Video on Vimeo

OnePlus 7 Pro
Beta App version 2.9.2+20902
Android 9 - Oxygen OS 9.5.11.GM21BA
Kernel 4.14.83-perf+

Hi @emontes,

There seems to be a problem with non native implementations of biometrics like the on screen fingerprint reader by OnePlus, I have just received a 6T with such a reader and shall give this a try next week when I am back in the office.


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Good you’ve got a OP phone to test on. The way Curve does fingerprint recognition is also different to every other app I use - eg Revolut or Starling have it integrated into the main screen of the app, Curve seems to put it up as an extra overlay (hence the issues we had previously where it could be bypassed by swapping app then coming back, subsequently fixed) - any chance switching the Curve fingerprint check to the same as other apps may resolve the issue?



Old beta version - latest discussion at Bug Report - Android 2.11.2 (21102)