Bug report Android 2.90.0


  • Security improvements
  • Removed unused Curve Send code
  • Updated UI library
  • Removed unused onboarding code
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Updated to 2.90.1 from 2.72.1 becouse it stopped working…
And now I see “Begin Identify verification” in “Account” section. No idea whats that, if nothing from my end changed.

After updating from 2.86.0 or 2.87.0 (from mid october) to 2.90.1 the curve app crashes after I enter the app pass code. I tried to purge the cache and app data and reinstalling as well, but w/o sucess. I can bind the account to the phone sucessfuly (enter the phone number, one time sms password) but after providing the app passcode the application crashes again.

I know Android 6 (BB Priv) is old but still supported according to Google Play…

@robcrv Curve dropped support for android 6. There was post about it some where.
Here - Dropping Support For Android 6

@robcrv thanks for reporting. We have a crash currently effecting Android 6. We will be fixing this in the next release. We aren’t dropping support just yet.

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Why, when starting app, Curve app asks passcode twice (not always, but very frequently)?
Its super annoying!!!

Is it feature or bug? Not specific to this version, previous versions have this too. It started while ago, no idea from which version.

IMO, there is absolutely no reason to ask to enter same passcode twice. Makes no sense.

Currently I’m on 2.91.2 (android).

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Same issue here.

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