Bug Report Android 3.14.0

Change log:

  • Updated few dependency versions
  • Fixed a rare case were the app was not loading properly
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Can no longer start the app (already pending issue since app starts with fat round logo)
Enter PIN
Curve logo appears
Endless waiting, but nothing happens.

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I am sorry to hear about that.
On version 3.14.0 we fixed a rare case where this would happen.
Please update and let us know if the problem persists.

Kind regards

Thanks for your feedback.
Currently I still use 3.13.1 (latest available)
Guess the issue has something to do with Google Play Services not running on my device. Older Curve app versions were fine with that and did start flawlessly.

Hello @Skarra,
I may be wrong, but 3DS is not working.
I did several re-installation of the app, full removals from the phone, and changed settings to be able to receive SMS for the online transactions.
Still, nothing happened - I am not receiving an SMS verification code via 3DS.
This case has been open for the last 7~10 days with no/limited updates from Customer Support.
Can you advise what the reason is?
I am struggling to pay anything online.

Hello @Andrew_Sky ,
Thanks for highlighting the issue, and I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble paying online with Curve. I think the issue is not related to the Curve Android App itself as such, and all our systems should be up and running. What I would advise you perhaps to do, is, following the below steps:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Remove and insert your SIM card again
  • Turn on your phone
  • Make sure your phone has signal, and SIM card can receive SMS
  • Double check your Curve profile settings has the correct phone number
  • Try making a payment which requires a verification code

Meanwhile If something comes up or I have further information on the case I will update the thread.

Hello @Skarra,
It’s a routine every day to check in case the sudden system starts to work.
SMS are working (receive it from different apps and contacts), an application was installed + removed from the phone four times (last done yesterday), and every time the phone was restarted. My mobile phone number is correct - at least I get an SMS from the Curve app to verify the account initially - online payments are a question.

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Thanks @Skarra

Version 3.14.1 did the trick. The app is loading again properly even without reply by Google Play Services


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