Bug report Android Galaxy S9 fingerprint

I want to report some inconsistency for fingerprint identification in current version of the Curve App.
After launching the application it mostly works faultlessly but sometimes when I touch the sensor, the screen blinks and its not logging in. It shows then 2 options: use biometrics or passcode. When I choose biometrics, it always logs me in so its not the matter of dirty sensor or bad scan. Maybe the first attempt is recognized as bad scan but there are no appropriate message for it - that would be something usefull.

App version: 2.8.1+20803
Android Ver: PPR1.180610.011.G960FXXU5CSF2
Kernel: 4.9.59-16162958

HI @Thax,

I will try to reproduce this and keep you updated if and when we have a fix.