Bug report iOS 12.4.9

Issue: Application crashes on startup

How to reproduce it: Trying to start application a black screen appears for a few seconds and the main app screen doesn’t show up.
I was trying to reinstall the app, but unfortunately the same behaviour. Previous app version (3.5.19) was working ok.

OS: IOS 12.4.9

Device: iPhone 5s

App version: 3.5.20


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The same story here! Crashes on startup. Useless app at the moment :frowning_face:
(SE 2016, iOS 12.4.1)

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded the app on iphone but just get black screen when try to open. Tried turning pone on and of and updated software to iOS 12.4.9

Any help and advice much appreciated as would love to start using the app!


Please read here:




Ok thank you for the update. When can I expect to use the app?

Check out the store every now and then! Keep us updated on this.

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Second that.

After the latest Curve.app update, the app now just crashes on my iPhone 6 (iOS 12.4.9). Tried removing it and installing from the scratch, tried rebooting the phone. However, it just crashes shortly after the launch, and that’s all.

Same happening here on iPad mini 2 on iOS 12.4.9.

we are just prepping the build for submission now. Apple needs to review it but if that goes smoothly it should be live in < 24 hours

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Thank you. I’ve just uninstalled and re-downloaded and managed to sign up!

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Retried with latest app v.3.5.21 - everything works fine now with ios 12.4.9. Application starts and I was able to log in.

Thanks a lot!