Bug Report - iOS 3.0.8 (1619)

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved image caching for card images
  • Improved user experience with support tickets
  • Fixed rewards card expiry date issue
  • Unsupported currencies are removed
  • Card order on the GBIT screen has been fixed
  • Improved display of web views

I updated to 3.0.8 some days ago when the update came available on the public app store.
After the update, several bugs appeared:

  • When I try to open any support page, I get the message “Failed to receive support information.”.
  • When I try to view my support tickets, I get the message “Failed to get tickets.”.
  • When I try to send a message to the support team, the message gets red and can’t be send.

Same errors for me using 3.0.9, very frustrating as I have been charged twice for a transaction.