Bug Report - iOS 3.0.9

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Supported countries have been updated
  • Zendesk support ticket improvements for transactions
  • Improved error handling when attempting to delete a selected payment card

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There is a bug with Go Back in Time which seems to have been introduced on this build, where it shows the card you have changed a transaction to, as the same as the original card on the Go Back in Time details screen. It looks like you have changed from [the card you have changed to] and back to [the card you have changed to]!

You can reproduce it easily with the steps below:

  1. Make a purchase with Curve set to “Card A”.
  2. Decide to Go Back in Time, charging the purchase to “Card B” instead.
  3. Wait for the Go Back in Time process to complete.
  4. Go to the transaction list, select the transaction you just changed, and scroll down to the Go Back in Time menu again. Select Go Back in Time.
  5. You will see, on the card changed screen, that Curve shows the card has changed from “Card B” to “Card B”. Obviously it should be showing “Card A” to “Card B”.

A few more details about my device:

I am using an iPhone X on iOS 12.3 developer beta 3, with Curve beta 3.0.9.

I haven’t included a screenshot as I think it is fairly self-explanatory.

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New version available: Bug Report - iOS 3.0.10