Bug Report - iOS 3.1.3 (323)

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I cannot add new cards to Curve. I have tried two different cards now, and both prompt be the following error message

I’m not sure whether it is because of the beta version though, because installed the official release and still got the same error when I try to add a new card.

Hey all
I just updated to Curve 3.1.3 on TestFlight iOS. The description says we should be testing Curve Send Beta, however I can’t seem to find the feature on the app.

Am I missing something?

Try killing the app and starting it again, this solved the issue for me.

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Yeah I’m having this issue also. Still the same as its always been.

I’ve Unistalled then reinstalled app. No joy.

I’ve tried updating to test the new curve send, but it’s still not showing up on the app. I’ve started and restarted. I’ve also unistalled then reinstalled no joy.

Any advice on where to go from here?

Yep that worked for me. Anyone else looking for someone to test this with? I don’t know anyone participating in the beta so if you’re looking for someone to beta test with let me know!

Yesterday I tried to send money to a colleague with Curve Send. Nothing showed up in my timeline, and she didn’t receive the money either. A few hours later I had a declined transaction on my underlying Revolut card.
This morning I tried again to send the money and it worked perfectly fine.

I suspect it was probably related to the payment issues yesterday - Temporary issue with transaction authorisations Mon 9th Sept 2019 (was Any known systems issues today?)

I thought the same. I reported it as I think the user should be notified in a case like this, later when the feature goes public.

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I find this feature a bit lacking for the people outside of UK.
E.g. Revolut has the same feature however you can send any of their supported currency to any Revolut user.

Newer version available: Curve Send (P2P) - Phase 1v2: Transfer from your Curve Cash card to payment card