Bug Report - iOS 3.1.6

We’ve continued making improvements to the on-boarding user experience and squashed some bugs along the way!

We appreciate all your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • A screenshot and short description
  • Details on how we can reproduce it
  • Which OS, device and app version you have

Morning Marie

May not be a bug, but I thought I spotted somewhere that we could ‘go back in time’ from a bank card to our Cash Rewards account? Mine wouldn’t allow me too this morning?

Apologies if there is thread for this, was dishing this out as I am jumping between meetings…


Never version available: Bug Report - iOS 3.2.1