Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.5 + v.3.0.6


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Hotfix (v.3.0.6)

  • Crash affecting a small number of users

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Thank you for reporting the bug in v.3.0.4, could you please check whether it’s fixed in the latest version?

Error persists.


partial refunds get wrongly subtracted from the “Spent this month” indicator for each card. The full amount is subtracted, not just the refund. So if I pay 40$ and 1$ gets refunded, the “Spent this month” shows 39$ less than it should. It can be clearly seen from the picture attached - although the payment after the refund was 568CZK, only 471CZK is displayed as “Spent this month”. The refund was just something like 2CZK - this very common when paying for groceries online (they charge you a little bit extra because of things with cost based on weight like fruit, vegetable etc. and then refund the difference).

  • iOS: 12.1.4
  • Curve:
  • happens with every partial refund -> easy to reproduce
  • tried the usual things like log out, turn off/on, …



Just updated to but the problem still persists

Hello @vetrakazabijak and welcome to the community!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of our Test Engineers will investigate and report the bug so we can deploy a fix :slight_smile:


But surely this is part of being in the forum, isn’t it, contributing to the development of the product. There really is something exciting about being in on that process.

Hi @Curve_Marie, thanks a lot for looking into this. Feel free to let me know if I can help you any further :slight_smile:

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Hi @vetrakazabijak,

Thanks for flagging this, I think I have seen the support ticket that you raised as well.


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This was fixed on our servers, this was resolved Friday.

Hi @josepmc,

We have a great QA team, but as you might know it’s not possible to catch all the bugs all the time, so we are happy for all the help that we are getting from the community. This helps all of us. :slight_smile:



yep, I wasn’t sure where to report it :wink: But the forum seemed like an ideal place after I found it.

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