Bug Report

Ok, a number of things…

Curve App version 2.12.3+20123001
Android 9.0

  1. Add a comment to a transaction, then go back to the transaction list, only the transaction I’ve just added the comment to is listed, have to refresh to get the full list back.

  2. Cant turn on email receipts for curve cash

I can just report that “Month” is still incorrect in “Timeline”.
Lets see if its ever gets fixed. :skull_and_crossbones:

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For as long as I can remember, the help section and chat features of the curve app have not worked for me. I’ve had multiple phones in this time so I have re-installed the app and never been able to get it to work. Originally I assumed it was a temporary glitch for everyone but now I’m assuming it only affects me.

Selecting the profile button on the wallet tab gives “Something went wrong” but opens up the profile menu. When I select “Help” I can see a list of help categories but then as soon as I select any of the options I get “Something’s Gone Wrong!” with the message “We are unable to load this page. Please check your connection and try again”. Now, I know my connection is fine as I use every other app fine and the curve app itself loads everything else fine.

Attempting to use live chat is similar. I get “Failed to load tickets” when it opens and if I try to send a message it turns red and says “Message failed”.

I’ve opted to just email curve support when I need things but it would be nice to have it working in-app instead to be honest!

Any else seen this behaviour? Any suggestions?

It’s a known bug. It’s a really old bug though, it is in almost all bug reports but the last update works fine for me
I’m using an android in the beta version of the app

Here’s where you can report it