Bug Reports - Android 2.26.1

Change Log

  • Internal improvements for upcoming features
  • New UI for Onboarding
  • New UI for form headers
  • Fixed a bug on Curve Send

Mmmm interesting - what are the upcoming features? :slight_smile:

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Can you please fix my app before you introduce new things. I can’t login to my account since I updated the app to the latest version and it has been a week and no solution in sight! :angry:

@TsotFin I take it you use Magic Link to login rather than Google Sign in?

Could you provide some more details about the email app you’re using as some have been known to break the Magic Links.

Yes I am using the magic link through my email address, which is outlook.

Great and are you using the Android Outlook app at or some other client?

I have it on my tablet as well

Sometimes outlook attempts to open the link in an embedded browser.

The magic link opens up in the Outlook embedded browser and opens the Curve app, but doesn’t login.
If you click on the link and then use ‘open in browser’, it logs in fine.

Okay thanks for that let me try that now.

It’s not working. Outlook will not let me open the link in browser except the embedded one. Is there a way round this?

If I forward the email to a different address would that help?
Yay, it worked :+1:t5:thanks for your help. I don’t know why Curve didn’t ask you coz you know what the issue is and how to sort it out! This could have saved me a lot of aggro :roll_eyes:

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