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When I go in the main menu, then card limits, it just redirect me to the support page, not my personal limits

I believe that happens if you are a new user with Curve. After using it for a while your limits will be shown.

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They’re showing up fine for me. If still not showing after a bit and reloading the app could always contact support.

In the new version of the curve app, card images don’t seem to be available. The cards that were in the previous version still have their images, but if you select “Change Image”, you only get the generic coloured cards, not the proper card images.

This is Android version 2.1.1


Thanks for flagging this, you are right, there is an issue with this in the last release.

I have raised a ticket for investigation and will let you know when we have a fix.


Thanks, @curve_tobias - would be good to have this back, been missing it all through Beta too!

Upgraded to Curve black (as a Beta, should be 6 months free).

£9.99 has been charged to my card (via Stripe?) and it says my next payment is on 28th Feb. I’ve emailed support regarding this.

I signed up during the old cashback structure too, I can no longer see the list of retailers via the link in the app… Will I be migrated so I can see and select 6 retailers or is the old list still valid? Attempting to load the list of retailers just leads to a lovely white screen WebView (Android).

One of my cards is showing 40 BGN (???) spend this month, while in reality I’ve only been spending EUR and NOK on that given card this month.

I did spend 40 BGN on that card on January 27, 2018, however. Plus a bunch of other currencies that month, which aren’t showing.

App version: 2.1.0+20100

Edit: Just updated the app, and the issue persists in 2.1.1

Hi all,

I tried to add my Amex after the first time now say services temporarily unavailable, but when I check my amex account say 1 pound pending from Curve but still curve say card need to be verified, also the currency of the card does not match as is an English Amex but curve say in EUR.

Finally the update gives me the possibility of adding Amex as well. And what now? My Amex is one of the rare Amex‘ that is not supported by Curve… and as I am not a UK resident, I can‘t upgrade to Metal… think will switch to Revolut now…

Are you on Android or iOS, @nitros ?


So @Curve_Marie are you going to look in to it?

Was a Curve Blue, and upgraded to Metal in the Beta app. Have installed the new public app, and it all works fine (and tells me I’m Metal) but when I try to top up £1000 onto Amex, it tells me that I am going to be charged £6.50 (before I actually do it). Is that just a s script bug and I won’t actually get charged as Metal is meant to give unlimited free topups?

Hi. I keep getting a ‘502’ error when I try and hit the verify card button. Anyone else facing the same issue? Am in Android.

Mine say services temporarily unavailable try later but from my amex app there is one pound pending from curve @widezu69

Just made an purchase online, one of the rewards retail, I got the rewards points but not display the payment transaction itself

My curve app hasn’t shown the only transaction I’ve made since updating. My amex wallet balance has reduced, but I didn’t receive a notification and the transaction isn’t listed under the card.

Edit: this first happened in 2.1.1. I’ve now upgraded to 2.1.3, and the transaction still isn’t there

Timeline shows wrong date. I can choose between “Week of 14 January” or “This month”, but when I select “Week of 14 January” it just shows the most recent week

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